RoboGames 2007 – Bot Hockey (Video)


One of the great aspects of participating in RoboGames was that we were exposed to many new and different robot sports, and, of course, got to make lots of new friends in the robot community. As it turned out, the table we were assigned in the open pit area was right next to a group of 'Bot Hockey' players.

Don't know what Bot Hockey is? Don't feel bad. We didn't either, but now we do, and we're definitely impressed. The action is fast and furious, but unlike their combat robot cousins, the bot hockey players aren't out to mangle or destroy each other - though that could certain happen accidentally as you can see in the video below as one player gets stuffed into the goal box instead of the puck.

What's Bot Hockey?

Imagine a version of air hockey played on a larger field, with multiple pucks, and with players that are actually 12 pounds, high speed, R/C controlled robots.


Here's a short video of the action last weekend at RoboGames 2007 in San Francisco-

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RoboGames Bot Hockey Rules - Note: there are a few errors in the RoboGames listings, for example the main event page lists the robots as 12 kg. but the rules state 12 lb.; the rules say 'autonomous' at the top but then R/C controlled later. Be sure to confirm the actual rules before you run off to build one of these exciting robots.


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