RoboGames 2007 Swag

No robot event is complete without a good collection of robot swag, and RoboGames 2007 was no exception.

First, we had some great team shirts and caps that never would have materialized without the dedicated, and very much appreciated, efforts of Don Fugitt who flew down from Washington State especially to actively participate in the event:

Left to right: Jason Fugitt, Lem Fugitt, David Calkins, Don Fugitt

Also, we were also blessed with a great CrabFu Steamworks t-shirt by our good friend and master steam robot builder, I-Wei. We're really looking forward to him visiting Japan so that we can return the favor.


And, we managed to snag a rare M5 Industries t-shirt in our side before they were completely sold out and became collectors items.


Next year we hope that RoboGames has an 'official' t-shirt for sale. We know we'd buy one for each and every team member, and we're pretty sure most of the other competitors would as well.


One thought on “RoboGames 2007 Swag

  1. Hey Lem, there WERE offificial t-shirts for sale. The servo booth sold them, and there was a table kitty corner from the transformers booth. Sorry you missed them. I’ll send you a few.

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