Reporter Robot Wanted!

After a couple weeks of all out effort, 700+ photos, hours and hours of video, some neat news stories and a detailed product review submitted to Robot Magazine (check out the Fall issue when it hits the stores on July 31st - you're going to really like it), not to mention heavy jet-lag going to San Francisco and coming back, we seem to be really dragging.

A quick look in the mirror this morning and we saw a huge 'kuma' staring back at us. Kuma is the Japanese word for 'bear', and the meaning in this situation was that we have really dark circles under our eyes... So, although today's the first day of the 5th ROBO-ONE Special competition in Tokyo - one of our favorites - we need to stay home, get some rest and recover a bit. We'll try to get one of our friends who is at the event to share some of their photos or videos with us to post on Robots Dreams. Hopefully we'll get a chance to attend the ROBO-ONE Cup robot soccer matches tomorrow.

In any case, don't worry. We have more robot content in the queue than we could deal with in the proverbial 'month of Sundays'. The flow will continue unabated. Still, if you happen to have a Reporter Robot we could borrow so that we could be in two, or three, places at once to cover all the robot happenings here, let us know immediately!


One thought on “Reporter Robot Wanted!

  1. We broke you!

    Simone sez “Poor Lem!”

    Get some well-deserved rest. I’ll email you stuff from Ugobe and Robo-Cup if you’d like.

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