Punny RoboGames Food Review

We asked on of the gourmet Robots Dreams Team members to review the RoboGames 2007 fare, and he told us how they actually used household irons to cook the hot dogs-


By D. B. Hal and Willy Dream
"At RoboGames 2007 they served tantalizing ironed hot dogs with mustard and relish.
Some in line were steamed by this, but not your intrepid reporters, we just ordered ours with no starch.
After all, we had a press pass, or it only seamed that way to us..."


One thought on “Punny RoboGames Food Review

  1. Oh, the puns keep rolling! …but suprisingly accurate as well 😀
    Great to have been able to meet you all there. Hope to have the chance to see you again sometime… perhaps next year?

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