One Reason Why You Definitely Want To Come To RoboGames (Video)


The general impression and common public perception has been that hobby level humanoid robotics outside of Japan lags way behind the bots created by Japanese builders here. All of that is about to change dramatically at the RoboGames event, held this coming weekend at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

By the time that the dust clears, and the events wrap up, on Sunday, there will be no possible doubt that some of the custom humanoid designs built in the States, basically from scratch, are just as competitive, interesting, and exciting as their Japanese counterparts.

Think we're exaggerating? Well, take a look at the video clip below featuring just two of the awesome humanoids that will be competing this weekend - then book your tickets for the premier robot event of the year.

The Farrell Robotics robots are really surprisingly good, but they're not the only high performance entries this year. It's going to be fun to see how they fare against Rook's Pawn - Matt Bauer's top end robot, and others. By the way, we have more background on the Farrell team and their robots that will be posted as soon as we get a free moment.

RoboGames - be there, or be square. Robots Dreams be on-site starting early Thursday afternoon right through to the closing on Sunday, and will be filing our reports as usual. Feel free to come up and chat - we should be easy to spot in the crowds since all of our team members are well over 6' tall.

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