Jin Sato Shows Off New Low Cost Educational Robot Design


Jin Sato (JS Robotics) brought one of his latest robot creations along to RoboGames - a low cost humanoid kit (see video below) that uses $10 servos yet has advanced features like adjustable servo compliance. The robot was originally developed by Jin for a UNESCO Robot Camp project, and now he's added a few improvement and refinements, and will be making the kit available commercially soon.

A few weeks before RoboGames, we visited Jin's robot laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, where he was kind enough to answer our questions and put the new robot through it's paces for our camera.

 An article about the UNESCO Robot Camp, and the new robot kit,

Of course, the new robot is too small to hold its own in a battle in the ROBO-ONE ring, but it does put on a good show, and is specifically designed to be used for robot education classes and seminars.

Here's what Jin had to say about the new robot:

At the moment, there is no sales price or release date available for the kit.


One thought on “Jin Sato Shows Off New Low Cost Educational Robot Design

  1. Looks great! Does it come in Strawberry?

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