Japanese Headhunters Beat the Bushes For Robotics Engineers


We live out in Chiba east of Tokyo on the Keiyo Line, fairly close to the Makuhari Messe Convention Center. The big show/event this week is Interop Tokyo 2007 - the premier internet and networking technology event for the year. So, the headhunters and recruiters are out in force.

The days of lifetime employment and company/employee loyalty are long gone, especially in any of the high tech fields. Headhunting is common and carries little if any stigma. And, from what we've heard, the headhunting/recruiting business is extremely active and profitable.,There are even recruiting posters on the trains - like the one above that features every engineer's dream project - a humanoid robot that looks like it's just waiting for Will Smith to put in an appearance.


2 thoughts on “Japanese Headhunters Beat the Bushes For Robotics Engineers

  1. I wish the robots in that movie looked like the one poster. The ones they had looked really strange; more like an artists rendition of a animation style robot than a real android.

  2. I am going to take my master degree in robotics and inteligent systems in sweeden and than work for a robot industry in Tokyo, thats my love.

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