In Fond Memory – Duncan R. Lowne

Sadly, Duncan R. Lowne, Matt Bauer's brother in law, business partner, and trusted friend, passed away earlier this week in the UK as a result of his battle with cancer.

Duncan (center) and Matt exchanging business cards with Nishimura-san, the founder of ROBO-ONE.

We only knew Duncan for a short time - less than a year via the internet, and only for a few days in person when he, Matt, and Jen (Matt's wife) made the trek over to Japan for ROBO-ONE 10. Yet in that short time span, he made a big and lasting impression on us and everyone he met. Duncan will definitely be missed, and more important - he will be fondly remembered.


Left to right: Matt, Yuta Sugiura (Retro), and Duncan at ROBO-ONE 10 in Nagai last September.

Duncan's cancer was diagnosed shortly after he returned to the UK following the competition in Japan.

Duncan explaining about humanoid robot research in the US and Europe to Dr. GIY.

Matt, Dr. GIY, and Duncan.

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2 thoughts on “In Fond Memory – Duncan R. Lowne

  1. To the Lowne family,

    I remember taking karate with Duncan in upstate NY and was recently in the UK. Unfortunately time did not allow me the ability to see him as I had sought. I am very sorry for your loss. He was a great friend and person to all who had the pleasure of meeting him. Although he was a brilliant scientist, his value for friendship and loved ones will always remain supreme. He will be truly missed.


    Matthew J. Morphy

  2. I attended college with Duncan and I am proud to call him a fraternity brother. When I heard earlier this year that his time was coming to an end, the memories of our good times together came rushing back. He was a very special man and he will be missed by all who knew him, including those of us who crossed paths with him in Cleveland.

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