Coming Down To The Wire

ipod bot
 Jin Sato's latest robot creation designed for
 students and entry level robot fans

There are only a few days left before we have to get on the plane to San Francisco, then sign in and get our badges and assigned workspace at RoboGames. Things are coming together pretty well, but we have to make a quick run into Akihabara this afternoon to pickup a few critical backup parts - like more spare battery packs. It's going to be tight, and we're sure to be fine tuning the robots motion files and performance right up to the last minute. But, there are a couple of important articles we want to get posted before the event that involve a couple of the competitors.

First, we have a detailed article, including a super video, covering the work that's been done at Farrell Robotics. We think you'll be totally surprised at the performance of their full custom humanoid robot designs. In our opinion, the Farrell Robotics team  has an excellent shot at walking away with the gold in the ROBO-ONE style wrestling and demonstration events at RoboGames.

Second, Jin Sato, one of the top Japanese ROBO-ONE competitors and creator of MIBO - the AIBO clone built with the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics System, is also entered at RoboGames. We want to introduce the Jx-Robotic System, one of his latest robot creations that's specifically designed for educators, students, and entry level robot fans.


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