Another Great Day at RoboGames 2007

画像 074
Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

Today, the official opening day of RoboGames 2007, was fantastic. We learned a lot, saw first hand how rapidly robot skill and technology has grown in the US, watched some really neat autonomous robot soccer competitions with entries from all over the world, helped out a team from Singapore, got to meet quite a few of our online friends and readers from Robosavvy and other places we frequent on the net, and had our first taste of the ear deafening-ripping-tearing-sometimes fire breathing combat robot battles.

There were also some very impressive art robot creations - like the one above desiged by Vince, others with music, lights, and other creative approaches to combining art with robotics and movement.

As usual, we have quite a bit of video footage (with more to be taken over the next two days) but until we have time to process and edit it, you'll have to be content with the gallery of RoboGames 2007 First Day photos we just put online. Enjoy - we certanly are!


One thought on “Another Great Day at RoboGames 2007

  1. Thanks for posting a photo of my SodaBot! The LED eyes were off at that point.

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