Who's Designing Who In The Robotics World?

One of our all-time favorite sketches is the 1948 Escher poster depicting one hand holding a pencil drawing another hand, which is holding a pencil drawing the first hand.

The same image was updated to the computer/robot world in the late 1970's by Robert Tinney as one of his classic Byte Magazine covers. Now, Luke Johnson from Australia has taken the metaphor even one step further.

Luke's project involves using a Bioloid robotics kit to control one of the popular Armatron robot arms. Very cool.

Luke wrote to say:

"I am writing from Brisbane Australia I have been a viewer of your site for as long as it has been around. Being an avid watcher of the development of robotics It is the best site for robot news. I have designed robots on paper for the most part of my life and I am finaly becoming a robot builder, I

 have a bioloid kit and intend to use robotis actuators for my next (scratch built)robot. I have an interesting photo I took of the bioloid robotic arm controlling my radio shack armatron which I think would make an interesting picture for your site."

Here are the photos he was kind enough to share with all of us:




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Sorry - Luke doesn't appear to have a website or blog, but we highly encourage him to start one and share his work as soon as possible!


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