The Coolest Transformer Robot We've Ever Seen (Video)

Some combinations work really, really well - like peanut butter and chocolate (Reese's) and others are a total turnoff (pickles and ice cream), but every once in a great while we run across a combination that is so totally awesome that our jaw just drops.

Leave it to Takara/Tomy, the originators of the popular Transformers line of robots, and Nike, the world's best known sports shoe company, to come up with the absolutely coolest Transformer robot set we have ever seen, and we've seen plenty.

robot optimus prime transformer

The 'shoes' are roughly 1/2 scale, and looks identical to a typical Nike sports shoe.

transformer robot optimus prime

But, when it transforms - Optimus Prime!

Well, actually 'Convoy' since that's what Optimus Prime is called in Japan where it first originated. When Takara licensed the Transformer line to Hasbro, back in 1984, many of the robots names were changed to appeal more to the US and European markets. "Convoy" became "Optimus Prime", "Cybertron" became "Autobots", "Destron" became "Decepticons", etc.

transformer robot megatron

For some reason, Megatron is Megatron both in Japan and overseas.

The bad news? Well, this set of Nike shoe Transformers proved so popular that it immediately sold out completely. It's definitely showing signs of becoming a prime collectors item and is already going for over five times its original price in online auctions.

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3 thoughts on “The Coolest Transformer Robot We've Ever Seen (Video)

  1. Does it come with matching socks?

  2. Cool! I have the Megatron one and my brother has Convoy. No socks… :( It does have a nice collectible card though! They are so realistic that my friend thought it was a real shoe! The laces are real too.

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