Takara/Tomy i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot Closeup (Video)


We recently visited the Takara/Tomy research and development facility here in Tokyo, and got some great close-up/hands-on time with their new i-SOBOT humanoid robot. The story was picked up by ROBOT Magazine which is now featuring some of the detailed photos (see link below) taken during the meeting with the i-SOBOT development team and project management.

We were also allowed quite a bit of 'play' time with the robot prototypes, and really liked what we saw. So much so that we actually tried to slip one into our pocket and walk out the door with it, but unfortunately we were caught in the act! Of course, we captured a lot of the action in the video clip below.


Although it is fully functional, and features 17 degrees of freedom, the i-SOBOT is so small that the developers carry it around in a small plastic toolbox. It's target price is small also, about one third of the price of its nearest larger competition. It does pack a tremendous amount of performance, and a huge personality into that tiny package.

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4 thoughts on “Takara/Tomy i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot Closeup (Video)

  1. Very nice!

    I wonder if the fingers/grippers will work,
    or are they just for decoration?

  2. The ‘hands’ don’t have a dedicated servo, but can be rotated manually. The ‘thumb’ can also be moved. It should allow for the robot to carry/hold some items – like a light saber/sword/gun/etc. The marketing managers mentioned they are considering a series of possible accessories like that.

  3. This is the most amazing robot I’ve ever played with. It can do almost anything. Plus I was able to pick it up for less than $100 at Hammacher Schlemmer. This is a must have for any robot fan.

  4. why is there only 2 colors available to chose from? and why havent there been better versions made?

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