RoboCup Robots Really Excel in German Competition (Video)


The ability of humanoid robots, especially the smaller designs that lend themselves to active experimentation, is literally growing by leaps and bounds.

Only five short years ago builders were struggling to get small humanoid robots to take their first, very shaky, steps. Now we're seeing autonomous humanoid robots capable of object recognition, strategy, complex motions, obstacle avoidance, and even surprisingly realistic soccer performance.  An excellent example is the video below taken during the RoboCup German Open 2007 featuring Team NimbRo (Univ. of Freiburg, Germany).

Humanoid Competition results-

1. NimbRo, Universität Freiburg
2. Darmstadt Dribblers, TU Darmstadt
3. Humanoid Team Humboldt, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
1st Place Technical Challenge: NimbRo
2nd Place Technical Challenge: Darmstadt Dribblers
3rd Place Technical Challenge: Humanoid Team Humboldt

Check the Team NimbRo website below for a full description of the robots and their performance during the competition. It's going to be very interesting when Team NimbRo comes up against Team Osaka to battle it out during the Atlanta RoboCup in early July.

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