Optimus Prime Robot Review (Video)


The new Transformers movie is scheduled to hit theaters in the US on the Fourth of July, but unfortunately won't be released in Japan until early August. But, we did find a short video review (see below) by Gizmodo featuring the latest Optimus Prime robot toy from Hasbro.

The review immediately brought back lots of fond memories of hours playing with Transformers, and also triggered a few negative memories as well. We'll save the downers until after you have a chance to enjoy the video.

Overall, it looks great, and we'll probably end up buying one or more once they are in stock here in Japan. It should be lots of fun to play with, and might make an excellent prop or character for one of our robot video productions.

The downers?

Well, first and foremost is the packaging - if you can call it packaging. Yes, we know all the reasons why toy makers package goods like that, and we experienced exactly the same unpacking nightmare with similar toys including all the WowWee Robosapien series products we bought. Assuming that you don't just rip the box apart, like he did, then it's going to take you the better part of 20 minutes, and some tools, to free your new friend up to play with.

Second - the plastic. We've been spoiled living here in Japan so long and having access to some of the real die-cast robots - including a few of the die cast Transformers that were originally created by Takara, then licensed to Hasbro. The difference in quality, durability, and play value is huge. Of course, the price is also considerably higher.

Enough ranting. We're not going to change the way they package the toys, and we're not going to convince them to go back to die casting. So, we'll cool it, and just look forward to enjoying the movie, and picking up some of the new Transformer robot toys.


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