MicroMouse Robot Building Takes Dedication (Video)


To promote public awareness, participation, and support, Otley College - Suffolk, in the UK, recently staged one of their "Big Day Out" events including a wide range of happenings like inflatable assault courses, a bucking bronco, R/C cars, chainsaw carvings, and some very impressive micromouse robot demonstrations (see video below.) 

In the total spectrum of robot activities and challenges, micromouse robot building has evolved into a rather unique, and unfortunately narrow, niche.

To become one of the top micromouse robot builders takes extreme dedication. It's not unusual for builders to work on the same design, constantly refining and improving its performance, for five years or even longer.

At the same time, the sport requires a broad range of skills and technology including hardware, sensors, logical thinking, algorithm development, and advanced programming. As a sport/hobby, it attracts designers with a long term, craftsman type, approach that gain real, lasting satisfaction out of shaving a few fractions of a second off their robots recorded times.

There are currently three global concentrations of micromouse activity - Singapore, Japan, and the UK. That's not to say that there aren't active groups of robot builders in other countries, but those three countries, specifically, have the most advanced and dedicated communities of micromouse builders and consistently create the robots capable of setting world record times.

To give you a feel for what it's about, here's a video featuring Micromouse X in action at the Otley College event about a week ago:

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