Another Design Challenge


Besides our two humanoid robots, the most important accessories required to make sure we get the most enjoyment out of RoboGames in San Francisco next month are ... T-shirts and caps! After all, how can you build team spirit without a neat team t-shirt?

We still remember how totally blown away all the ROBO-ONE builders were when Nao Maru (King Kizer) and his family showed up for the main competition last year outfitted in black t-shirts sporting the "MARU Family" design. It really enhanced their team image, and made the experience much more memorable for everyone. 

We definitely wanted to keep the team logo simple and straight forward, and continue the basic theme/sense of the website banner image.

That particular image was custom designed based on a few different robots we've really liked over the years, especially Pino. At the same time, we need to keep the graphic very simple - just a few lines if possible - to make it easy to reproduce in a number of different forms and sizes.

After several false starts, and a lot of designs we threw away, we decided on this image - at least for now:


Of course, there are still lots of challenges. Living here in Japan it's difficult to locate a t-shirt/cap vendor that can supply the sizes we need. It's not just the difference between the US and Japanese XL sizes - we're actually quite tall and absolutely need the XLT or 2XLT size, which is very hard to purchase here.

Caps are another significant problem. Our head is literally larger than any standard 'one-size-fits-all' cap. They just don't work.

So, one of our team members that happens to live Stateside, is busy tracking down a source. Hopefully they will be able to supply t-shirts, or shirts, and caps in the right sizes, either silk screened or embroidered. It's a lot more expensive than the cheap heat transfers, but the cheap stuff looks... well, really cheap.


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