Akihabara – Maids, Tours, And Robot Soccer (Video)


One of our favorite places to hang out in Akihabara is Kondo Robo Spot. It's a great gathering point for humanoid robot fans, and it isn't uncommon to run into some of the top ROBO-ONE builders, like Dr. GIY or Morinaga-san (Metallic Fighter). One of the other things we really like about Akihabara are the ever present 'maids', or at least pretend 'maids'.

So, late Saturday afternoon we were absolutely in heaven. Purely by accident, we happened to arrive at Robo Spot just seconds behind one of the Akihabara tour groups, lead by two beautiful 'maids.' Of course, we managed to capture the experience in the photos and video below. 

The tour groups spend a few hours visiting a whole series of interesting locations around Akihabara, including some of the best places to shop for electronic gear, manga/anime stores, historic shrines, and top robot sites, like Robo Spot..



The robot in the lower right hand corner is a KHR-1HV built by Morinaga-san, the creator of Metallic Fighter - the ROBO-ONE champion.




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