Will The Real Vincent Robot Please Stand Up? (Video)

We posted a video yesterday featuring the 1980's CompuRobot marketed by Axlon, one of Nolan Bushnell's companies, and made mention of the fact that the robot bore more than a passing resemblance to Vincent from the Disney "Black Hole" movie.

It turns out that there actually was a remote controlled Vincent robot produced by Mego, as you can see from the television commercial video below.

We were alerted to this video by Sprocket2Cog, one of our favorite Australian robot builders, hackers, and all around great guy.

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Sprocket2Cog - Wonderful robot hacks including major mods to everything robotic from the orginal LEGO Mindstorms, Viper, VEX system, and quite a few WowWee Robosapien robots.


7 thoughts on “Will The Real Vincent Robot Please Stand Up? (Video)

  1. Actually, this toy was never produced, the film is of the prototype.

    It’s sort of gone down in toy-history as the project that doomed Marx. Development expenses were extremely high, the Black Hole licenses weren’t delivering the Star Wars-like returns that Marx was banking on, and the company came to the conclusion that the end price-point of the robot would have been well outside the reach of most parents.

    Not that I wouldn’t trade a mountain bike for such a toy these days…


  2. I have one of the four V.I.N.cent robots made for the movie “The Black Hole” I am looking to sell it, any ideas.

  3. Bob, Are you still looking to sell your Vincent robot?
    Please let me know.

  4. Darn. I won presumably this remote control VINcent in a competition running in 1980 in the UK. As it was never made I was sent gift vouchers instead.

    The video here is the first time ive ever seen what I should have ended up with 32 years ago so thanks very much for posting this

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