Vintage Robot From The 1980's (Video)

Fully programmable via 25 special program keys built into his head. Capable of executing complex routines including 3 different gear speeds and even sounds. Built-in headlamp so you can run him in the dark. So friendly and personable that in the UK they called him "George".

Sounds exciting, and in some ways better than a lot of the low end robots on the market today. Yet, for most of us, the CompuRobot is just a fond if distant memory from over twenty years ago.

The CompuRobot was developed and marketed by Axlon, one of the series of companies run by Nolan Bushnell who also brought the world the Atari video game system, and Chuckie Cheese Pizza Time Theatre.

The robot was powered by 1 nine volt and 4 AA batteries. The on board controller used a 4-bit microprocessor and would hold up to 48 program steps.

Kind of looks like R2D2, or perhaps Vincent from the "Black Hole" movie....

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One thought on “Vintage Robot From The 1980's (Video)

  1. I remember this robot! There’s no doubt its a direct copy of Vincent!

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