R2D2 MicroDroid Closeup


Several readers wrote in asking how 'micro' the Takara/Tomy R2D2 MicroDroid really is, what batteries it uses, and how they are positioned in the robot's body.

Excellent questions. They gave us the perfect opportunity to get out our trusty screwdrivers (and digital camera) to do a little robot disassembly.

The R2D2 MicroDroid came out of the box with two sets of small button batteries already in place, so all we had to do was flick the power switches and start to play.

It's some thing we really appreciate about products here in Japan is that the batteries are almost always included. So, when you bring a new gadget back home and unwrap it, you can immediately start to enjoy using or playing with it. No additional trips to the local Seven-Eleven to by batteries, or hour long waits while rechargeable batteries regain their charge.


Both the robot and the remote control use the same button batteries. We're not sure how long they last, but given the micro size of the robot we suspect they will provide quite a few hours, if not days, of play. 


The batteries are standard, off the shelf, types and should be readily available. 


This should give you a pretty good idea of the robots size. The measuring tape in this photo is marked in inches (for our American readers) while the tape below is metric.


Before you ask - no, we're not going to take the robot apart any further, no matter how nicely you ask. Given the fact that it's completely sold out here in Japan and we're not likely to be able to find a replacement if we screw something up during the disassembly, this one is going directly in to our robot collection! 


3 thoughts on “R2D2 MicroDroid Closeup

  1. It looks like the remote can hold spare power cells in the base ( the four slots ) for both it and the robot, is that right ?

  2. that is so cool but it is to much money i looked on a fuw wed sites about r2d2 all of the r2d2’s were $195.00

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