Project R: More On The TEC-1 Remote Control Kit

In our previous post about the TEC-1 kit that allows you to use a PS2 game pad as a robot remote control, we mentioned that Sugiura-san uses the TEC-1 with Dynamizer 3, one of the top ROBO-ONE robot competitors.

For the ROBO-ONE 11 matches last month here in Tokyo, the TEC-1 board and the Logicool wireless PS2 game pad receiver module were mounted in Dynamizer's head. It worked very well, but Sugiura-san decided to move the whole unit to the robot's waist area. He was kind enough to share a couple photos of the work-in-process.

Good design always requires making some tough trade-offs between size, weight, and convenience. Sugiura-san obviously gave a lot of thought to minimizing the size of total remote control package.


The white module at the top is the 2.4 Ghz wireless receiver from Logicool (the brand name used by Logitech here in Japan). To make the package as small and light as possible, Sugiura mounted the TEC-1 board (at the bottom in the photo) extremely close to the mating connector's pins.


It appears from the photos, that he has also applied some black electrical tape to keep the receiver connector from jarring loose during bouts with other robots. 

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