Pleo – Up Close And Personal (Video)


 Like most of us, our friend Robert Oschler has been chomping at the bit waiting for the Pleo robot dinosaur to be released by UGOBE. But, unlike the rest of us, Robert took the bull by the horns, jumped on a plane clear across the country from Florida to Boise, Idaho, and managed to land an interview with the geniuses that created Pleo, and more important, he got a lot of hands on time with the cutest little robot that ever set foot on the planet.

He's posted a full trip report on his website and shared an absolutely fantastic video clip of his adventures with Pleo (see links below). We are so incredibly jealous!

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One thought on “Pleo – Up Close And Personal (Video)

  1. That is sooo cute, i just want one so bad!!! How adorable!!!! I love pleo!

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