MINOS 07 – Micromouse Competition (Video)

Micromouse robot competitions may not be as well known as ROBO-ONE, but from a technical and robot builder perspective they can be just as interesting and exciting.

Earlier this month a group of UK micromouse fanatics builders, along with foreign entries like David Otten who flew all the way from MIT in the US just to attend, put their robot design skills, talent, and pride to the test at the MINOS 07 Micromouse competition held at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The first day (Saturday) included presentations by David Otten (MITEE10 micromouse and videos of the 2006 All Japan Micromouse competition), Martin Barratt (stepper motors), Pete Harrison (DC motor positional control), Bernard Grabowshi (dragster line follower), Duncan Louttit (sensor design and motor control) and Tony Wilcox (new mouse and UK Micromouse 2007 event).

Then on Sunday everyone fired up their micromouse creations and had a great time competing for the best times in Wall Follower and Maze Solver events.

Here's what Sunday's action looked like:

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One thought on “MINOS 07 – Micromouse Competition (Video)

  1. never expected my video to end up all over the internet so quickly!

    anyway,I second the general concensus that everyone had a great time.

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