Robots Are Truly Ubiquitous In Tokyo

We've mentioned so many times that humanoid robots here in Japan are popping up all over the place that some of our readers must think that we're exaggerating more than just a little. So, just to prove that our claims aren't exaggerated at all, we'd like to share a couple recent photos with you.

We're sure you'll instantly recognize this particular robot character, but can you guess where or what his image is decorating here in Tokyo at the moment?

robot bus

It turns out that there are actually advertisements for the Kondo KHR-2HV and their popular ROBO SPOT facility on the sides of Tokyo Metropolitan buses tooling round the city streets!

How cool is that?




One thought on “Robots Are Truly Ubiquitous In Tokyo

  1. Yeah, so now we have to look out for armies of robots riding buses around toyko ? But really, it’s good to see robot’s getting so much exposure.

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