Robot Week In Japan!

ROBO-ONE kicks off next Saturday morning, and early indications are that tickets for the premier robot event may sell out long before the doors open. The latest measure of the extreme interest in personal humanoid robots here is a content rich, multiple page, robot special section unveiled this week at the top of the Yahoo Japan website. 


The "Weekly Yahoo! Japan" section usually has an over-arching theme for each month, with supporting content that's updated on a weekly basis. For Vol. 5 (March 14th through April 13th) robots are the featured theme, and the section starts off proclaiming that "Atom will be here soon!"   


Of course the 'Atom' that they are referring to is the well known, and loved, manga and anime robot - Tetsuwan Atom -  better known in the US as "Astro Boy." The feature section includes numerous pages, with lots of photos and video clips, covering the history of robotics worldwide, a separate section devoted to Atom, and detailed information on the current humanoid robot hobby boom.


Humanoid robot event coverage includes ROBO-ONE, Robo-Fight, the Kyosho Athlete Humanoid Cup, and others. 


The popular MANOI AT01 robot was used as an example of the kits favored by hobbyists.

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