Robot Builder With A Panda Passion (Video)


We're not really exactly sure why, but Hagiwara-san has a passion for building unique robots. And, for some equally unknown reason, most of his robot creations have a 'panda' theme.

You probably saw his "Panda Treasure Ship" zooming around in the video included with our recent RCS BRAVE report. As it turns out, that robot is only the tip of the panda iceberg. "Hagi", as he prefers to be called, has several other panda themed robots, including one that bears a distinct resemblance to the Swedish Chef in the Muppet clan.

We've included a few videos showcasing his creative robots below. Let us know what you think. Who knows? With a enough encouragement, Hagi might attempt building a full scale, life size panda robot.

One of Hagi's robot pandas stationed next to the sign-in table for the RCS BRAVE competition:

Cooking Panda (Check out the look on the woman's face in the background.)

And "Panda Breaker":

Very, very cool. We can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next.


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