RoboSavvy Clocks Over 1,000,000 Visitors


On Tuesday the RoboSavvy website counter zoomed past the one million visitor milestone. We'd like to offer a big "Congratulations" to the RoboSavvy website, Limor - its creator and prime mover, and all the great participants that have made its forums so outstanding. Right now, as we are typing this post, there are 16 active users logged on to the RoboSavvy site, and quite a few 'guests' that are just sampling all the great robotic content.

Some of the most popular, and practical, forums on the RoboSavvy site include a Robonova-1/Hitec forum that has logged 386 topics and 3,153 posts; a Bioloid forum with 203 topics and 1,440 posts;  a Kondo KHR-series forum with 160 topics and 887 posts; and quite a few others.


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