ROBO-ONE 11: OmniZero.4 Demonstration Scores 453 Points (Video)

The practice session video we posted recently showing OmniZero.4 climbing a ladder was definitely impressive. But, what if that same robot could also dance around the ring like a professional boxer... And, what if the robot could actually jump rope - not just one lucky hop, but a whole series of jumps while managing the rope by itself...? And, what if the robot could get out a frying pan, crack some eggs, and fix your breakfast...?

Too much to expect from a robot, or for his creator? No, not for OmniZero.4 and Takeshi Maeda. For them, it's all in a day's work. Find that hard to believe? Well, just take a look at their award winning performance recorded last Saturday afternoon during the ROBO-ONE 11 demonstration phase competitions. 

Maeda's Omni series of humanoid robot designs have been consistent winners based on their technical excellence. For example, Omni series robots have captured the ROBO-ONE demonstration phase championship 3 times and came in second another three times.

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4 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE 11: OmniZero.4 Demonstration Scores 453 Points (Video)

  1. Maeda san does it again. What an example of innovation in design and application.

    Note for Robot makers. Did you see the amount of gyro wobble at the end of the sequence. It was there but did not feedback.

  2. I’ll have to agree w/ you dirtyRoboto… Superior example!

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