RoboGames 2007 Adds Some Awesome Humanoid Events

The ROBO-ONE style humanoid robot events have always been an interesting part of the annual RoboGames competitions held in San Francisco early every summer. But most of the focus has been on the massive combat robot battles where teams dedicate themselves to building some of the most aggressive and destructive robots known to man.

But, this time around it looks like the humanoids are set to gain a lot more attention, have more competitive events, and more robot teams competing than any RoboGames in the past. According to David Calkins, the guiding force behind the popular robot competition, a whole raft of new "Humanoid Challenges" are scheduled for RoboGames 2007.

In addition to the existing ROBO-ONE events, that are loosely based on the well known Japanese competitions, the new events will include robot Basketball, Lift and Carry, Marathon, Obstacle Run, Penalty Kick, Dash, 3:3 Autonomous Soccer, and Weight Lifting. David also stated, "We've got 17 teams already registered on the University side", which should ensure that the new events get off to a successful, and exciting start.

We've included links to the rules for all the new Humanoid Challenges below. And, we've already got our vacation time scheduled to make the long trek from Japan to partcipate in RoboGames 2007. This is one event we wouldn't want to miss.

RoboGames Humanoid Competition Rules:


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