ROBOCON Magazine Hits Issue #50

The latest issue of Robocon Magazine No. 50 is on magazine stands here and online via Amazon Japan. As usual it's full of great content, lots of event reports, some interesting construction walk throughs, an overview of all the exciting robot competitions planned for 2007, and even one surprising photo of a very strange 'gaijin' enjoying robot soccer Japanese style.


One of our favorite Japanese robot publications, The popular magazine is published bimonthly by Ohmsha, and can be ordered outside of Japan by clicking on the "Would you like to see this page in English?" link in the upper right hand corner of the Robocon Magazine No. 50 page on the Amazon Japan website.


Flipping the pages we ran across this detailed report of the KondoCup Robot Soccer competition, and suddenly noticed a very familiar face in one of the photos....


There we were!

All we can say is that it was a tremendous amount of fun, and we highly recommend it to everyone.\


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