Project R: Robot Remote Controls


We're in the early preparation stages for RoboGames (only 90 or so days left), and one of our big concerns is remote control strategies for our two competition robots. Both of robots - one is Gulliver, our KHR-1, and the other is Mondai-Noid, our MANOI AT01, use the standard Kondo robot remote control, which works fine. But the RoboGames environment is going to be chock full of different robots - several hundred of them, all with their own remotes - and about every possible RF and IR signal known to mankind. The potential for interference will be huge, and it would be a big disappointment to travel all that way only to fail because we didn't have a backup remote control ready just in case we run into problems.

So, we've been exploring backup strategies, including implementing Bluetooth (seems possible, but definitely not childsplay), Zigbee (a definite possibility since we already have it running with a wheeled robot), and a beta interface from a small Japanese company that specializes in unique robot solutions like remote controls that shows a lot of promise.

We can't share a lot of the details yet until we finish the assembly and initial testing, but we can say that it's definitely exciting.

We might also drop the hint that the delivery truck just dropped off a package at our front door that caused a few questions since we don't own a Sony Playstation, or other game console for that matter. "Why in the world do you need something like this?", we were asked.

We just smiled, and said, "Just wait a few days and you'll see...."




Hmmm, that little receiver unit at the bottom sure looks a lot like a robot's head, doesn't it?


2 thoughts on “Project R: Robot Remote Controls

  1. I am a little worried about that to. I have Bluetooth control of my robonova-1 through my laptop and through the IR control that came with the robonova. I think that I have seen a controller like yours, on a Japanese website for the robonova.

  2. That receiver unit DOES look like a robot’s head… but it also looks rather directional. Watch out that you don’t get stuck with a control solution that only works when your robot is facing you!

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