Mystery Robonova Transformer Robot In Singapore? (Video)


Sharp-eyed Humanoido, from the RoboSavvy robot forum, discovered a very interesting set of recent videos (included below) showing what appears to be a Robonova-1 robot that's been modified to act like a Transformer - complete with a set of wheels to drive around.

In addition to the Transformer mods, the mystery robot, which appears to have been hacked in Singapore by "TC Tan", features a head mounted video camera, and some really slick Kung Fu moves.

Here's the video clip that originally captured the attention of Humanoido. Take a close look at what are apparently a set of wheels extending from behind the head of the Robonova.

Here's the companion video that shows the robot actually laying down and driving around very briefly.

Very nice. Great work. Our hat's off to TC Tan!


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