MANOI Robots Sighted In The Wilds Of Akihabara


It was an unusually warm and beautiful Sunday, so we took the opportunity to travel into Tokyo, and made a few stops in the Akihabara area. Shoppers, and robots, were out in force. We ran into several friends just walking through the area, chatted briefly with Dr. GIY when we bought a new robot book at Tsukumo, and then found Shiroma and his MANOI Trio doing demonstrations at Robo Spot.

Shiroma was kind enough to let us get some hands-on time with the new MANOI PF01, due to start shipping next month. In the photo above, the PF01 on the left is similar to the Limited Edition silver robot that will go to the first 150 customers. Although we like the PF01, what we saw today just further confirmed our earlier impression that the PF01 is for 'show' while the AT01 is for 'play'. By that we mean that the PF01 is nice if you want to show off the absolute best performance and 'character' to your friends and relatives. But, if you really want to actively get the most fun out of a robot, then the AT01 is probably a better choice.


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