KondoCup Robot Soccer Registration Opens April 1st


Registration for the 4th KondoCup Robot Soccer competition opens at 13:00 tomorrow, and to deal with the huge interest from robot builders and the general public, Kondo and the staff at Robo Spot have implemented some interesting changes. The new format will extend over two full days.

The first day, Sunday, April 29th, will feature standard KHR Class robot soccer teams, plus a new classification titled "Over 50" that's open to any KHR owner/operator over the age of 50. And, you don't have to have a full team. They plan to accept individual applications then assign teams as necessary. Wonder how Gulliver would do at robot soccer.... Hmmmm, should we admit that we might be just a hair over 50?

The second day, Monday, April 30th, is devoted to the Open Class teams with custom built robots that use Kondo servos and components. We suspect there will be quite a few builders that want to compete on both days.

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