Exclusive Software Report: HPI G-Robots GR-001 Part III

The first post in our review of the new HPI G-Robots GR-001 humanoid robot covered the overall design, architecture, and motions, including a video of the robot being put through its paces. The second post in the GR-001 series focused on the 3D display and using it to adjust the robots servo positions interactively.

Now we'd like to show you how the motion editor application makes it a pleasure to work with the robots poses, motion sequences, and scenarios. It's probably particularly timely since the GR-001 robot kit goes on sale tomorrow morning here in Japan.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, so rather than boring you with a lot of text explanations, we put together a half size Flash animation, based on actual screen captures. We think it's pretty self-expanatory, but if it isn't clear and you have any questions, please post them and we will try our best to respond:

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