Countdown: Coming Up – The Most Exciting Robot Event Ever!

ROBO-ONE 11 is just a few weeks away, and the excitement is really ramping up here in Japan. Several of the major television networks, including NHK and NTV,  have started broadcasting program segments featuring some of the top robots, and hobby robot articles are popping up in many popular Japanese magazines,

When entries to compete in the event closed last night, there were a total of 186 robots signed up, which we believe to be an all time record. Advance sale tickets to the March 24th/25th event are available online via the Lawsons Ticket system [code: 31716] for 1,500 yen versus 2,000 yen for purchase at the event itself.


2 thoughts on “Countdown: Coming Up – The Most Exciting Robot Event Ever!

  1. I am interested in purchasing a robo-boxers or any of the japanese fighting robots that are complete (i.e. ROBO-ONE 11, OmniZero.4, Dynamizer,) Please advise

  2. Tony,
    Most of those robots are custom built by enthusiasts here in Japan. As far as I know, they don’t sell them commercially, and the price would be outrageously high if you wanted to buy one of their pet robot creations.

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