By Special Request – The Cutest Ball Robot Ever (Video)


When we posted about the 2nd Wonderful Robot Carnival in January, several of our regular readers wrote in to say how taken they were with the 'cute little ball robot', and wanted to see more. One of them actually started a new robot project just to see if he could create a similar robot just for himself.

So, last week, while we were editing the new promotional video for the "Wonderful" event, we set aside several clips of the robot in action. Tonight we finally had the time to edit them and produce the video sequence below. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “By Special Request – The Cutest Ball Robot Ever (Video)

  1. Thanks, Lem! That’s great footage. I’ve already rebuilt the legs on my version of this design, and this evening, if all goes well, I’ll start trying to make it move.

    Would you happen to have the name or website URL of this robot’s builder?

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