Walking With Dinosaurs (Video)

We are so incredibly jealous! Our good friend and dedicated robot hacker, Sprocket2Cog, wrote to tell us that in about two weeks the BBC "Walking With Dinosaurs Live" road show will visit his home town in the land-down-under. And, just to rub it in a bit, he shared what he's been able to find out so far about the robot technology driving the wonderfully life-like dinosaurs.

Thankfully, he also shared the video clip below that gives a great feeling for what he will be able to see and hopefully interact with when the show arrives. It would almost be worth the round trip plane far just to be able join in the experience.

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3 thoughts on “Walking With Dinosaurs (Video)

  1. Pretty neat. I saw the animatronic dinosaurs at the San Diego Wild Animal Park years ago. It looks like the technology has improved since then; the movement of the ones I saw wasn’t too convincing, and they weren’t self-contained (and so couldn’t actually walk). These ones look impressive. I just wish I could see one without the skin on!

  2. There’s a behind-the-scenes video on the page linked above (link to dinosaurlive.com) where you can see under the skin.

    The raptor looked pretty awesome at first, but its not really a robot – just an actuated costume for a person, who is doing the actual walking.

    Still very cool, though…

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