RoboPanda Demonstration (Video)

It's always hard to make any judgments about new products just based on reports from the big trade shows like CES since the hype is usually so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife. But now that all the excitement and media love-fest has calmed down a bit, we're starting to see better information come out that will eventually lead to a thumbs-up, or thumbs-down, purchase decision on some of the interesting robots scheduled to hit store shelves later this year.

One good example is the RoboPanda from WowWee. Initially we were fairly cold about it, but willing to wait for more details. After watching the latest demonstration video (included below) featuring the talented robot, we've warmed up a bit. It has definite potential, and may appeal to both customers that want to purchase one for their children or grandchildren, and to hackers like us that want a platform to modify and show off our own creativity.

[via Robocommunity]


3 thoughts on “RoboPanda Demonstration (Video)

  1. Is it me or does that panda sound like Millhouse out of the Simpsons lol
    Cool robot for kids

  2. When are we gonna get info on hacking this bot???

  3. Chase,
    Historically WowWee hasn’t released much in the way of useful information on hacking their products. We’re still waiting for Tilden to come through with the long list of ‘secrets’ that was promised for the original Robosapien years ago.

    Once the RoboPanda is out there in the hands of dedicated fans in any volume it won’t be long before they start posting about how to tear it apart and hack it.

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