Quartet Project – Combining Music, Motion, & Robotics

Quartet Project - Robby and Carlee
Originally uploaded by Clav.

The 'Quartet' performance sounds like a real-world mash-up of artists and technology. A dancer, musician, and others are equipped with sensors that are read by a robot that mimics their creations. At the same time, the robots actions have a strong impact on the artists. Their reactions to the robot, and to everything around them, triggers inescapable changes and evolution in the performance.

"Human and fabricated characters, perform duets, trios and quartets together as the live is juxtaposed with virtual, and real with mechanical. A musician and virtual dancer perform together, the musician's sounds creating the virtual character. A real dancer and virtual dancer perform together, the real dancer's movements triggering moves from the virtual dancer. A real dancer and a robot perform together: their bends and stretches mirror one another, as the dancer triggers the robot. A robot's camera-eye view is projected on stage, showing the real dancer, the stage and the audience: spectators experience being the performer. The musician's violin notes are translated into computerized sounds, creating an orchestra of real and virtual instruments."

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