MANOI AT01 Robot – New Home Position Procedure

In addition to the excellent documentation that Kyosho supplies with the MANOI AT01 humanoid robot kit, they have also been diligently updating and adding to the information on the Official AT01 website. In our experience, they are one of the few companies that actually listen to their customers and use the feedback to constantly improve their product and support.

The most recent example is a new MANOI AT01 robot home position setup procedure.  Getting the home position setup correctly is really the key to successful operation, execution of the sample motions, and being able to exchange motion files with other owners. The new procedure walks you through each step with numerous photographs to show clearly how each major part of the robot needs to be aligned.

Of course we all know that "real men never read the manual", at least not until they've failed miserably and don't have any other alternative. But, no matter when you decide to actually check the documentation, this new procedure, and others like it, will make it much easier to setup consistently accurate home positions.


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