Kyosho MANOI PF01 Robot About To Be Launched?

Kyosho's MANOI AT01 humanoid robot has proven to be extremely popular here in Japan since it went on sale last September. Even overseas, where initial sales have been limited to academic and research organizations, distributors report that there is very strong demand. In fact, there's already a very active American MANOI Users Group (AMUG).

But, the cute anime-styled robot that started it all, Takahashi's MANOI PF01, hasn't been released for sale yet. According to sources at Kyosho, production difficulties related to some of the molded parts caused unforeseen schedule delays. However, now there are strong indications that the PF01 is about to hit the market. In recent posts on the Kyosho MANOI blog there have been references to the arrival of production parts and preparing for the monitor customer program - the Japanese equivalent of beta customer evaluations. And, in a new post yesterday, they posted a few small teaser photos of the actual  production PF01 robot. We may see some official PF01 price and delivery information from Kyosho very soon.


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