Kondo RCB3 Robot Controller – English Language API Released

The popular Kondo RCB3 robot controller is used by a rapidly growing number of humanoid robots including the KHR-2HV and KHR-1HV robots from Kondo as well as the MANOI AT01 and PF01 robots from Kyosho. With the exception of a basic user manual in English for the Kondo robots, almost all of the available information, including the RCB3 protocol formats, has only been available in Japanese.

Laurent Lessieux decided to address the problem directly, so he created and just released the initial version of a RCB3 API/interface that enables developers to communicate with any RCB3 driven robot, or even multiple robots at the same time. The API supports all RCB3 documented functions, notification, and includes a C++ sample program as well as C# and VB.NET wrappers.

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