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We are often asked about the Japanese books and magazines we read and could recommend to others. At first we hesitated to make any suggestions given the language challenges, but enough people have indicated an interest that we've decided to regularly post about some of the best robot publications available here in Japan. It also turns out to be very easy to order them from overseas, as we explain below.

A good place to start is with the ROBO-ONE Official Guide since the book gives a great overview of the ROBO-ONE events, competitors, and organization while including a wealth of graphics and photos that even fans that don't understand any Japanese will find fascinating. 

The details for the ROBO-ONE Official Guide book continue below.

How to order Japanese robot books featured on Robots Dreams: 

1- Click on the link for the book you want to order. That will take you to the book's Amazon Japan webpage.


2- Click on the link on the right side of the page that says "Would you like to see this page in English?" That will take you to a page with English language ordering instructions.

ROBO-ONE Official Guide


This 128 page Japanese language book with lots of glossy competition photos and competitor interviews was edited by the ROBO-ONE committee and produced by Ohmsha, the publishers of Robocon Magazine. It uses what the Japanese call the "Mook" format - halfway between a book and a magazine, with the best features of both.

Originally released in August, 2005, the book covers the ROBO-ONE 7 competition in detail, includes multiple page stories on each of the top competitors including The Great Majingaa, Dynamizer, Metallic Fighter, and many others. There are also sections covering the Special, J-Class, and other official events.

Some sample pages-


A good portion of the book includes full color, glossy pages with lots of photos. A lot of the articles also include urls to the robot builder's weblogs.


The Great Majingaa interview. Other multi-page interviews include Dynamizer (Sugiura Family), Yokozuna Great (Dr. GIY), Cutie Honey (Nakamura - creator of the WR-07 transformer robot), Z'GOK Type RB8 (Yoshimura - the designer of the KHR series of robots from Kondo), OmniZero (Maeda) Toku Toku Maru. Afro, and other ROBO-ONE champions. 


Dynamizer interview - includes some photos showing parts of the design process used by the Sugiura Family to create their robots. 


Unique ROBO-ONE robots. 


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