Japanese Origami Expert Challenges CAD System To Create A Robot (Video link)

Here's the challenge - can a middle aged Japanese origami expert kick the butt of a modern, state of the art computer aided design system? To find out, Solidworks created the Mr. Torimoto Solidworks Robot Challenge. Starting from scratch, they both had to create a complete humanoid robot working against the clock.

We're not going to spoil the outcome for you by disclosing the winner. We will tell you that the video clip via the link below is well worth watching, whether you're an origami fan or not. And, residents of the US and Canada have the chance to receive a free robot kit from Solidworks.


Mr. Torimoto's origami robot is way beyond our limited manual dexterity and crafting skills. 


The Solidworks robotic creation bears a strong family relationship to MANOI, don't you think?

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Thanks to Kerry for bringing this to our attention.


2 thoughts on “Japanese Origami Expert Challenges CAD System To Create A Robot (Video link)

  1. Very cute! The humor is very well done.

    I find it a teeny bit ironic that, while the SolidWorks competitor is clearly running under Windows, its voice is the Macintalk “Bruce” voice (i.e. comes from a Mac)!

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