Gogic Five At The ROBO-ONE Technical Conference (Video)


Sugiura-san (left) and Masumoto-san really look happy discussing the inner workings of the new Gogic Five robot. Masumoto-san (designer of Gogic Five, Mechabonham, and others) and Nakamura-san (designer of a whole series of humanoids including WR-07 - the transformer robot) came up from the Himeji area to present some of their work at the conference, and drew a lot of attention. They even managed to sandwich a few technical and design meetings into the short breaks between sessions.

Everyone seemed very impressed by Gogic Five, which was encouraging. According the Masumoto-san, there were a few, last minute schedule delays to fix a bug or two. The current schedule is for Gogic Five going on sale to the general public later this month. 

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