GM Superbowl Commercial Features An Obsessed Robot (Video)

By now almost everyone in the US has seen all the Superbowl commercials numerous times. But, believe it or not, many of the folks outside of the US don't even know what the "Superbowl" is, and certainly aren't familiar with all the effort and creativity that is devoted to the commercials.

So for the benefit of our non-US readers, and those in the US that just can't seem to get enough of the Superbowl ads, we've included the General Motors video commercial featuring an obsessed assembly line robot below. We hope you enjoy it - only, please don't ask us to explain it...


5 thoughts on “GM Superbowl Commercial Features An Obsessed Robot (Video)

  1. I’m glad you found a link to this video. I thought of you as I saw it. So now we know what robots really dream about.

  2. A robot’s dream … probably not what you had in mind when you named this website …

    I liked the commercial, though I had to watch it a couple of times before realizing that the robot was dreaming. This might have been more obvious when viewing the commercial at full TV resolution.

  3. That’s really well done. I love how they make a robot arm so emotive — when it drops the screw, you can really see how horrified it is. And all the other robots stop to stare — a nice touch.

    Doesn’t reflect all that well on GM though… it mostly reminded me of something from “1984,” or other distopian future, where absolute perfection is demanded and the consequences of failure are swift and dire.

    Still, great robot!

  4. This was definitely the best Superbowl commercial… it had such a great combination of style, pathos, and humor, and even had a fairly good product tie-in. Of course, it does make you sort of feel bad for how GM overworks their robots.

  5. Finally someone remembered that there is a world outside the us! Dont forget to upload this kind of great video content! We are eager to see creativity at work. We love it.

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