Assembling A Humanoid Robot As A Family

In the post a few days ago about the Saturday afternoon robot scene around Akihabara we mentioned meeting Georg Wiessmeier and his two sons at one of the robot training courses at RT Corporation. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at RT, so Georg and Nakagawa-san were busy making some final adjustments on the KHR-2HV robot. So, when Georg mentioned that the robot was "for the boys." "Yeah - right, the BIG Boy", we thought to ourselves, but didn't say out loud.

It turns out that the robot purchase was indeed for the boys, as you can see from the photos below that Georg was happy to share with us. They've made a family project out of it, and are actively looking for other ways to explore, learn, and have fun together enjoying robotics.


Although a humanoid robot like the KHR-2HV is more complex than some of its simpler wheeled robot cousins, the assembly process is pretty straight forward. Georg mentioned that the manual was well laid out and easy to follow with lots of well documented assembly photos.


Keeping track of all the small parts can sometimes be a challenge.


It's really surprising, and satisfying, when the robot starts to take shape and looks like a real humanoid. There's a real sense of accomplishment involved. 


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