Aldebaran Robotics Unveils The NAO Humanoid Robot on French TV (Video Link)

RobotMonday evening 8-Fi television in France featured an interview program (see video podcast link below) focused on the future of personal robots, especially how they will play an important role in our daily lives. Guests on the program were some of the top French personal robots thought leaders including Bruno Maisonnier (Aldebaran-Robotics), Jean-Christophe Baillie (Gostai/URBI), Jerome Damelincourt (Robopolis), and Fanny Button (fannysparty).

There are many reasons why this program is a 'must-see', but even if you don't understand a word of French, you'll want to check out the public unveiling of Aldebaran Robotics new NAO humanoid robot. This is the first time that it's been shown to the public and Maisonnier puts it through its paces for the camera.

Rough translation of the show summary from the original French-
Subjects: Whereas the artificial intelligence was essential in the video games or the automobile sector, the robots of leisure make their appearance in our daily newspaper. Tomorrow, they will be actors on the market of the assistance to the person. To speak about it, Domenica Delport receives:
  • Bruno Maisonnier, president founder of Aldebaran-Robotics, which comes to have of exclusiveness the Nao robot;
  • Jean-Christophe Baillie, president founder of the Gostai company, which developed a software simple programming, URBI;
  • Jerome Damelincourt, directing Robopolis store, the department store of Europe devoted to the robots;
  • Fanny Button, of the site fannysparty, large connaisseuse of these new numerical companions.

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